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Business Divisions

Integrated Logistics


In order to provide a complete experience to our customers, we offer integrated logistics services for cargo handling (supplies, transfers, warehousing, sorting, shipping and distribution).

In Bound

We carry out the transportation in the supply flows of factories/plants through several logistics concepts, such as:

  • Collection Schedule
  • Just in Time and Sequenced JIT
  • Milk Run
  • Kanban


We also carry out the transportation of finished products, to serve the final customer, also in several logistic concepts, such as:

  • Scripting
  • Door to Door
  • Planned and itinerant distribution
  • Crossdocking

In House

We also develop internal operations, with the purpose of aggregating value to the management, movement and handling of materials inside a manufacturing plant, such as:

  • Receiving, downloading and checking materials
  • Material Picking
  • Order separation
  • Packing, unitization and labeling
  • Assembly of Kits
  • Shipment of materials

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